Monday, August 27, 2012

Doing sessions for no cost!

For a limited amount of time, I am doing Emotion Code sessions for no cost. Take advantage of this opportunity now. If you have any of the following, you can benefit from this:
* Depression
* Anxiety
* Frustration
* Bad temper
* Feelings of guilt
* Back Pain
* Shoulder/ neck pain or tightness
* Hormone imbalance
* Infertility issues
* chronic diseases
* Cancer
* trouble concentrating
* Ear infections
* and the list goes on.....
The reason is because whenever something is not quite right with the body, the underlying cause is more often than not caused by trapped emotions. In case you don't remember what they are, they are balls of pure energy that are lodged in the body in certain areas. They are foreign negative energies that can literally distort bodily tissues, eventually causing aches, pains, mental, and emotional issues. Also, when negative energies are in the body, then it is harder to not feel those negative feelings. Yes, we do have a choice in the way we feel. But it will be easier to choose positive feelings when the body is not harboring the negative feelings. I can personally tell you that.

So what is the benefit of releasing these negative energies??
Pain decreases, and you can feel happier and more relaxed. You can rid yourself of the underlying causes of the many conditions that people suffer from. This is energetic healing.

This is what I need in order to do a session:
1) Your name, age, a time you are available, and a way to contact you.
2) Any major complaints that you have that you feel may be affecting your health in some way.  
3) Rate them 0 to 10--> 0 being no pain or no symptoms and 10 being as bad as it can be.
4) Email me at and in the subject- Emotion Code Session.
5) Write a review about your experience and how you felt after the session.

I love this because I know it can help you to feel more joy and will make it easier to feel positive feelings and reduce pain. Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Amazing Results using the Emotion Code!

Volunteer A:
 She is 60 years old. She has had a neck/shoulder ache on the right side for a few years. After one session, she did not feel that shoulder pain for 4 days. I had another session with her, and it has provided relief since.

Volunteer B:
She is 24 and was feeling very stressed, which was rated an 8 in severity. She was also feeling muscle ache, which she rated a 2 in severity. By the end of one session, she felt that her stress level was a 2, and rated her muscle ache a zero.

Volunteer C:
He was not really sure what to expect with this process, as most people are when they first hear about it. He had tightness in the neck, both sides. The moment that one of the trapped emotions was released, which the age it was associated with, he was quite surprised. His neck tightness was rated a 4 before the session and a 0 on the right side and a 1 on the left side by the end of the session.

Volunteer D: 
I was really grateful to get an email from an old friend. He told me that he started reading the book after I posted this blog. So far, he has released 9 regular trapped emotions and 2 inherited trapped emotions. He said, " I have already noticed a huge difference with things." I also released  several trapped emotions from him. His neck tightness/ pain went from a 4 to a 2 and his stressed level was reduced from a 8 to a 5.

I wanted to say Mahalo for everyone who has volunteered to try out the emotion code!

Be free and Release you Emotional Baggage! The benefits are Real!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Heart- Walls

What is a Heart-wall?
heart wall FAQ
     Everyone has experienced moments of heartache. Many have said that their hearts were broken at some point. This is in fact a very literal phrase. Our bodies does what it can to protect the heart. It does this by building a "protection" or a "shield" around our heart. This shield of energy is made up of Trapped Emotions. The subconscious often associates these heart-walls with a material that people are familiar with. The number of trapped emotions and how thick a person's heat-wall is varies with the individual. 93% of people have a heart-wall.
     How do you know if you have a heart-wall? We can find out be asking and communicating with our unconscious. Have you felt isolated, depressed, sad, or disconnected consistently? This is also a good indicator of having a heart-wall. Negative energies are literally surrounding the heart, making it easier to feel emotions like frustration, sadness, anger... etc... because the emotions are already there. It makes it harder to let go of those emotions as well.
     By releasing/clearing the heart-wall, we can be free to feel greater joy, greater ability to give and receive love, and to let go of hurt feelings. I have experienced this for myself. With my relationship with my family and husband, I have been able to more easily let go of troubled feelings,  move past faster bumps in our relationship, and feel greater love for those around me. (in the few short weeks that my heart-wall has been removed!)

Here is a video I found that explains it well:

Real experiences:
I worked on one  of my friends. She has had her own struggles with events in her life, with feelings of sadness, anxiety, trouble connecting with other people.  I cleared her heart-wall, and several other trapped emotions. I asked her how she felt a few days after removing her heart-wall and she told me that she was feeling happier. I could see that her heart was softened and more joy in her facial expression. It was a great feeling to see that she recognized a change and to see it in her face.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The gift of being free of trapped emotions!

 Releasing trapped emotions has been a HUGE blessing for me. I feel this great surge of gratitude. I can't really explain it. I have been releasing trapped emotions constantly for  2 weeks, on myself and others. I feel my testimony of the gospel increasing (this is another topic). Throughout my life, I have often felt this underlying feeling of sadness, even when I was happy or things were going well. I just did not understand why I did not feel joy more often. I read my scriptures. I prayed. I tried living worthy of the spirit, yet I still felt that sadness. I went from having only 20% left of my trapped emotions to being COMPLETELY cleared! There was help along the way. Thank you Abby and Bonnie! I feel joy. I am almost speechless. I cleared my heart-wall this last week, twice. I feel love. I believe this is a tool that is given to help us be happy.
I just want to talk of one trapped emotion that I cleared today. It was a trapped emotion of sadness. It was also an inherited trapped emotion of sadness. TE (Trapped Emotions) can be inherited from  past generations, like from your mother or father. They could have inherited from one of their parents etc. This happens at conception. By releasing inherited trapped, we do not just release them from ourselves, but also all those who spirits who also had that trapped emotion (who passed it on). This inherited trapped emotion of sadness that I released goes back 85 generations! I found this out by muscle testing. That means my mom (who I inherited it from) had it released from her as well, and also my grandma. Wow! After I released, it I felt lighter and more peaceful as well. What a day! Don't delay and give this a chance!

Stay posted! More information on Heart-Walls coming soon!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Small miracles of The Emotion Code

I would like to share 2 scenarios of the healing power of releasing trapped emotions:
Scenario 1- testing how well one's immune system is working   
Today, my husband was sick and not feeling well. He had a sore throat, and a stuffy nose, and was very tired. He went to sacrement meeting with me and I walked home with him after. During sacrement, I muscle tested him by proxy. I asked what percentage his immune system was working at. The answer I got was 34%. Of course someone would not feel well with their immune system only doing 1/3 of its job.
     When we got home, I muscle tested him to see if there were any trapped emotions that were causing his immune system to not work as efficiently as it should. I got a yes answer. I released a trapped emotion. Then I went back to church and tested for trapped  emotions by proxy ( I was testing for him). I found several trapped emotions and released them. His immune system went from working at 34% to 60%. Then, when I got home from church, I tested him for the rest. I released a few more and and finally his immune system was working at 100%.
     This was done by releasing trapped emotions, or negative frequencies that were lodged in the body. It was 10 minutes later that he was feeling more normal again. His sore throat was gone. His nose was cleared up about 20 minutes later. And he was back to his normal self... I know this because he was getting silly and was trying to start a pillow fight.

Scenario 2- reducing pain
A friend of mine agreed to let me work on her. She had a headache  and low back pain. She rated the headache a 6 out of 10 (10 being unbearable) and the back pain 4. I muscle tested her and found several trapped emotions that were underlying causes of each condition. I was able to pinpoint the age for each one and she was able to connect them to experiences in her life. After our session, she rated her headache as a 1 and her low back pain as a 0 (ZERO). Her back pain was gone and her headache went from pretty bad to almost gone, all my releasing trapped emotions!
    The power of releasing trapped emotions is real. Pain can be decreased. Anxiety and depression can be reduced or even cleared. Diseases can be prevented. This is a non-evasive technique to make life more enjoyable by literally removing emotional baggage. Contact me if you'd like to give it a try!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Think out of the Box and set your skepticism aside!

You can learn the process of of releasing trapped emotions too!

Seeking volunteers!!

The Author of the Emotion Code is Bradley Nelson. You can look it up at
Here are some key points to give you a Basic idea of the emotion code is:
1. We all experience both positive and negative emotions.
2. Trapped emotions are negative emotions that are not properly processed can become "trapped or lodged" in our bodies at any point in our lives.
3. Trapped emotions are balls of energy creating vibrations in our bodies that can cause imbalances resulting in
   -Physical pain
   -Emotional struggles
4. Most people have them and do not even know it.
5. These trapped emotions can be released for good!
   -Resulting in better health and a more positive outlook!
6. The best part is that we do NOT have to be in the same location. Distance is not an issue.

In order to become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, I need to have 26 sessions with different people. This is not painful, nor does it require any medication at all! I would love the opportunity  to help you. If you would like to volunteer, leave me a message!

My Introduction to the Emotion Code

Several months back, my sister found out that I had had a bad day and came across the Emotion Code. She had heard bout The Emotion Code from a friend. We talked on the phone and our conversation really sparked her interest in the Emotion Code. As she spoke of it, I felt skeptical to say the least. For a week, she really tried to convince me to give it a chance. She texted me, sent me emails and videos explaining it. When I really listened, I thought that it did sound interesting and decided to give her "permission to work on me". What she found out intrigued me and I was hooked. I wanted to know more. My mom sent me the book and I started reading it. It took awhile because I was in some tough classes in my last (but not really) semester of school. I will explain this more later, but she released trapped emotions on me from literally YEARS back to not that long ago. I felt lighter and more free as she did. This summer, I finally finished the book: The Emotion Code. I was practicing the muscle testing and the sway test (I will explain more on this later). I read the book on the bus and always wanted to know more. So not even a week ago, I got an email from Bonnie about becoming a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, and there was something that was drawing me towards the idea. Thanks to my mom and my sister, I am on my way to becoming an Emotion Code Practitioner and I am so excited. I feel this is a real opportunity to help myself and others, which is what I want in a job/ career choice. I am now on this journey and hope that you will give it a chance and be part of it with me.