The Emotion Code and the Body Code can help any health issue you may be dealing with: mentally, emotionally, and physically. These systems gets to the root of your issues, and really do allow healing to take place. Here are some experiences felt from people like you!

"I loved our session. I immediately felt relaxed and the pain in my left shoulder and arm went away completely and was no longer numb. My right side felt significantly better. It's been several weeks and I am still going great. I was even able to go quad riding with my family."

Kimberly C.

"I definitely felt more of a difference today. I was a lot more motivated and got a ton of stuff done today. So, motivation would be at down to a 4 or so, 10 being bad and then with doing all those things my back usually gets pretty bad, but it wasn't as bad as usual, so probably down to a 4 as well, and then the past memories, today was a good day at a 1. Thanks again suze, I am definitely seeing a difference and I told my wife about the emotions you released for her and she could tell a difference as well"

Tyson E.

I had to share this story:
My friend voluntered as a volunteer to help me with the Body Code Certification. She is pregnant, had morning sickness and nauseousness, throat problems, and stomach issues. By the time we completed the sessions, her morning sickness was completely gone. Her throat no longer felt uncomfortable and her nauseousness was gone as well. I was so grateful to work with her and see her morning sickness dissappear!

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