Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2 more participants needed to complete certification!


I have thoroughly enjoyed working with so many wonderful people. As many of you know, I've been working on completing the Body Code Certification, and I am extremely close to finishing. If you don't know what it is, the Body Code is a healing system that allows us to find what is causing your health issues, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It can range anywhere from allergies, diseases, physical ailments, depression,... you name it. This will help to find what is causing it, releasing the energies that are causing the imbalances, and correct it. This is your answer to allowing your body to heal itself. Here is what one person said:
"During the sessions, Suzie asked my body questions and my body responded (through muscle testing), with the knowledge that the body knows what it needs. Suzie will help you find what need.

She has helped me with my weight loss, hair loss, ovulation issues, and an injured elbow. For countless times, people could not figure out why I was loosing weight and kept telling me to eat more protein, or more carbs, or do this or that, and that just didn't work with my body. Suzie helped me find out what I should be eating to help with the weight loss and also get rid of things that my body wasn't getting rid of (toxicities, imbalances, absorbed emotions). I 100% recommend her, and it's well worth the price.

At first I was a little skeptic about the procedure, but going through the sessions I knew that my body knew what I needed and she just helped me find it.

Thank you Body & Soul Holistic Healing!"

      Mandy P

I need only 2 more participants to allow me to help with your health issues. I am going to do these sessions by donation. This includes an initial evaluation, 3-4 sessions, and a post-evaluation. The amount you feel that you want to pay is up to you. A normal session is $40. If you've been to doctor after doctor without the answers, this is a golden opportunity. It will be worth your money because its important to me to give you the best quality service possible. I would love the opportunity to help you. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The sickness bug

If you family is anything like mine around Christmas time, then colds and sicknesses spread throughout the house while everyone in enjoying time together. This year was no different, except for two things: I had The Body Code and Emotion Code.

Trapped emotions can lower the efficiency or the functioning of the immune system, making one more susceptible to sickness. Sugar and processed foods also can suppress the immune system. By releasing trapped emotions, it can help the immune system to fight off sicknesses and too function higher. No wonder stress lowers the immune system.

The Body Code finds all imbalances in the body. This includes pathogen energies. It finds viral, bacterial, fungal, mold, and parasitic energies, toxins, and infections. Other toxins that can take part in sicknesses is environmental toxins, medication toxins, vaccination toxins (yes, from childhood vaccination shots), food additives toxins, and heavy metal toxins or energies that are trapped in the body. All of these can low the functioning of the immune system, making one more vulnerable to sicknesses.

Here is what I found through personal experience. When one first experiences the symptoms of the start of a cold or flu, the sickness itself can almost entirely be avoided by using reflexology (muscle testing) to find the underlying causes of one's sore throat, slight cough, feeling tired, etc. Usually, there are pathogen energies that are causing this. If caught early, it can be cleared energetically (literally!), avoiding the sickness itself. I flew to New Hampshire, which most of my in-laws were sick and I flew to Illinois, where it was spreading around my parents house. I did not get sick, when every other time I've been home around Christmas with  the sickness was spreading, I always caught it. Every time I felt a slight sore throat or something, I cleared the pathogen or other underlying causes, and was able to keep my immune system up. My dad asked my sister and I, "why didn't you get sick?" The answer is the Emotion Code and the Body Code.

But what if you are already in the process of the sickness? You have the cough, the sore throat, the weak body, and you feel terrible. The EC and BC can help to clear pathogenic toxins and other underlying causes for each symptom, to increase the speed of healing and to boost the immune system. My other sister lost her voice completely. She could only whisper. I did a session for her. During part of the session, I was checking to see what was preventing the mucus from loosening. Each time we released something, she had to cough something up. After a 30 min session, she had a partial voice. I do not believe this is a coincidence. God had given us tools to help us know how to take care of our bodies, and I believe this to be one of them.