Friday, June 3, 2016

You are never alone

         Do you ever feel like you are alone? That no one understands what you are feeling? Have you looked around you seeing others happy all around you, feeling like their lives are perfect? Every person has felt this way, but for different trials they are experiencing. I, too have felt this many many times. The beautiful thing about this is that this is not reality. We have a Savior who has felt every pain, every sorrow, and every burden. While pondering on how he could have felt what I was feeling, the thought came, "He never gave birth, right?". This is the conclusion that I have come to, His life was far from perfect. He was literally all alone in the Garden of Gethsemane. He was betrayed. He felt unspeakable pain, emotionally and physically. It may have been different circumstances, but the feelings, pain, and emotions were there. All that he endured, he endured out of love, for us. I feel like his love, and God's love is extended to us when we need it and when we don't. We feel it when someone gives a smile, helps that mom trying to get a stroller upstairs, and when we are helping others with comfort and support.
       If there is anything that I have learned having a job as an energy healer and foot zoner, no one is immune to problems. That person with the perfect house and perfect family has problems too. So when someone is unkind or unloving, it is best to give the benefit of the doubt because we do not know what they are going through. The answer is love. Love yourself and love others as they are.Be forgiving to yourself and others.
        I have struggled at times thinking that because I have struggles, have felt the darkness of depression and anxiety, I am not adequate to help others. I am not able to do this work. But I know that this too is a lie. It is because of the struggles I face that I am better able to understand where you are coming from, and I can help you more. I rely on God in every session and I choose to believe in myself, to beleive that I can make a difference and bring light to your life. And by doing so, you bring light to my life. I am a wounded, but healing healer.
        If you need love and support, it is there. Let yourself receive it. If you see someone else in need, give of yourself and you will fee uplifted. Don't give into the lies, but hold onto the hope that is all around you. Let us unite and become a more loving and kind people

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

I have learned so much from being in the healing business. For me, it is not about the money. The money helps me to be able to learn more to help others and live, but I choose this because I can help uplift, heal, feel hope, move forward through challenges. Each and everyone of us have challenges in life.
I have had my own "stuff" that I am learning through this past year. And its been really challenging. I have had many moments of feeling alone, depressed, loss of hope, and feeling like a failure. I have found some things that really help and maybe they will help you:

1. Getting ALL my vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, etc: When I don't, I feel more exhausted, tired and my energy levels are low! Not only that, but I am more prone to feeling down, and I am less patient and less motivated to be the best me. When I DO get all my nutrients, I have more energy and my mood is better too. One supplement I love is Smartmix  from Zija because it literally has all the nutrients I need in one little package.

2. Exercise: I can't tell you in words how much this makes a difference for me. It is a difference of feeling unmotivated and having low energy to feel bright and upbeat. I feel better about myself, therefore I am happier at home and get a lot more done. I tend to need 5 days of good exercise a week.

3. Serving others: This helps me to get out of my own dark holes because I em uplifting others, which lifts me up too. I start to feel gratitude again for what I have and HOPE. I can see the big picture more clearly. That's why I offer to help, because I know we all need a boost at one time or another.

4. Deep breathes: Did you know that this shifts energy and helps to let go of negativity.   I have this intentions of breathing in positive energy and releasing negative energy.

5. Essential oils: My smelling them, it gives me a short break from stressful and heavy emotions, so I can more easily move forward and be the best me in the hardest moments.

6. My babies: I have 2 precious girls and I love them. They tire me out and my 2 year old often tests my patience, but they give me reason to keep trying, and bring sunshine into my life. Their smiles and laughter send hope into my heart.

7. Positive affirmations: If you are like me, you may find yourself focusing on a lot of negative thoughts and these negative thoughts swirl and get bigger and its harder to get out of that dark hole. But positive affirmations help us to focus on the opposite- the positive things in life and bring us closer to truth. The simplest phrases can make a profound difference- I love my self, I am valuable and no one can take that away. I am loved. I am proud of myself. I choose to be happy. Happiness is my choice. When that negative though creeps in, say something positive. Anything positive.

8. Prayer: I believe that there is a God who loves me and knows me personally and all that I go through. I believe that he wants me to be happy. I believe that all healing comes from Christ. When I feel surrounded by darkness- I pray and think what Jesus Christ would do and pray for the darkness to be removed and replaced with light. And you know what? It works.

I want to be my best self. I want to stay motivated in filling myself with light and love. I can understand pain because I have felt pain, emotionally and physically. I know how feeling depressed feels and its not great. I also know how it feels to be filled with love, and gratitude because we are not alone and we are not forgotten. Hope and complete healing is a journey and it is reachable.  So I am a journey of healing and I hope you will

allow me to help you on yours.

Friday, September 12, 2014

What is causing your health problems??

I have not posted anything is so long. So what have I been up to? I have been learning. I am constantly learning about how to address health issues, spiritual imbalanced that are almost always contributing to health problems and we have NO idea, how to more effectively help you have emotional healing, about all the different kinds of supplements that can help aid healing, and about my gifts as a healer.

First, did you know that nearly. every. person. you. see. or meet has a health problem whether it be physical and/or emotional. More people than you realize are struggling with relationship issues, though they appear to have no problems.

But why? Why are SO many people struggling?
1. Our thoughts and emotions.
Most of us CHOOSE to think negatively. "I'm not going to be able to fall asleep again tonight". "I am not loved". "I don't deserve to...". "This will never get better". "There is always something more".
Did you know that every emotion and thought is engrained in every cell of our body. Your body record everything you think and feel and will affect you physically in a positive way or a negative way. Even when life seems bleak and hopeless, we can STILL choose to think positive, though it may be hard. It is still a CHOICE. Happiness is a habit. So what is your choice today?

A little more on thoughts and emotions.
The more we think negative, the more negative that will come to us. Our thoughts create reality. If I think to myself, "I will always struggle with money", then I will. But if I think and believe, " I am amazing at making and keeping a budget", eventually I will be.

The more negative emotions we feel, hide, and stuff, the lower vibration our body's are, the lower are immune systems are, and the more vulnerable we are to darkness/ and negative entities who want us to be miserable.

Love yourself. Love others. Love your body. Love your trials. Express gratitude for your trials. Surround yourself with positive energy. Accept that you feel a certain way and then let it go. Choose a better emotion and you will choose a happier, healthier life.

2. Toxins
We live in a toxic world. There are innumerable amount of toxins in our food- preservatives, artificial flavorings and food coloring, chemicals that are man made, sugar, sugar, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, MSG, pesticides, herbicides, now GMO foods and so much. more. What you put into your body affects it in a positive way or a negative way. Stay away from the processed junk food, it may affect fertility, your immune system, your joints, cause back pain and knee pain. This includes coffee and sodas. Not only that, with these foods, it causes nutritional deficiciencies that can affect all of the above, sleep, eye sight, teeth health and more. But take it one step at a time, or if you desire, go cold turkey. Change it hard, but its worth it.

Here is my dilemma: Eating healthy is expensive, or can be. I do the best I can, but I pray over my food. I even ask to be protected from toxins and my body to ABSORB all the nutrients it has to offer. Many times, this is the problem that because of toxins and emotions, our bodies are not absorbing nutrients like it should and thereby we get nutritional deficiencies.

Other toxins:
Have you had an experience where medications cause other negative symptoms (headache, nausea, dizziness, aches, pains, and made your health worse? Toxins can come from pollution, construction areas, roads where there are many cars. Heavy metal toxicities are very common. Toxic build-up in the body make it difficult for the liver, the lymphatic system, kidneys, gallbladder, which can contribute to back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain etc.

3. Mold and fungus
From hundreds of sessions, this is a big culprit to many health issues and we just do not know. Things like pollution, medications, sugar and more can cause mold to GROW in the body. Sometimes, a mold cleanse is all you need.

Spiritual imbalances:
The content in this section is based on my experiences and also my belief. I believe that God loves each and everyone of us perfectly and unconditionally. Through him, all healing is possible. There is another side to the spiritual spectrum. Satan or Lucifer rebelled against God, and did not have the opportunity to come to Earth and gain a mortal body. He was cursed, and seeks to destroy us, temp us, cause us harm and unhappiness.

In almost every person that Jesus Christ healed in the New Testament, he cast our devils and unclean spirits, then healed them. God's light conquers all darkness. If in The Bible that he cast our demons, devils, and unclean spirits, which caused people physical harm and illness, couldn't they affect us today? It is my belief that to deny such possibilities is to deny some of our healing. By being connected to God, we can find all that is contributing to our ailments and help to cast out evil entities today, helping people to feel lighter and happier.

What makes one vulnerable?
Negative thoughts and emotions, limiting beliefs, and allowing those things to control us. Feelings of fear, hatred, resentment, and bitterness are triggers that invite entities. Without faith and light from God, we make it easier for them to bring us down. Other things is media: TV, movies, and music. If there are dark messages, then it can affect children thorugh nightmares. Why would they have nightmares? Those entities want to cause us to feel fear. 

I like to replace the darkness with the light and love of God and Jesus Christ and have seen amazing miracles as a result.

Generational baggage:
Our ancestors did not live easy lives and also had many trials and tribulations. Like our genes and DNA gets passed down, emotions can also get passed down from one generation or another. I have seen an emotion that goes back over 80 generations! Yes, 80 generations. It makes sense to me because it helps to explain why we feel emotions and we don't know why we are feeling that way. We are the chain-breaking generations by releasing it and preventing our posterity from passing it on to their children. It can explain why sickness is passed down, or heart disease. You can be the chain-breaking generation.

No matter what you are going through, there is hope for healing. But you must believe it. You must recognize in one way or another the negativity you have bottled up inside of you and release it. It does not have to be the Foot zoning, Emotion Code or Body Code, which I do. Other great modalities are Simply Healed, EFT, acupuncture, massage, yoga, Radionics, foot zoning, Third Dimensional Therapy (releasing false belief systems and replacing with positive belief systems), exercise, meditation.

Choose to be healed. Allow your body to heal. And choose happy thoughts today!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Pre-Black Friday SALE

Its been awhile since I last posted. I've have so many great sessions and some awesome updates! First, I am so excited to announce my favorit update. I am now using Body Code 2.0! As a Body Code Practitioner helps me to get to more underlying roots of health concerns. It is so complete now. Here are some of the additions included, but is not lmited to:

  • All 12 systems of the body
  • includes morning sickness in pregnancy
  • finds spiritual deficiencies
  • all of the individual bones and muscles!
  • 8 extrordinary meridians
  • finds dental cavities, root canals and teeth chart
  • Hormonal imbalances included
  • expanded lists of toxins
  • More glands included
  • and MORE
There is so much I can say for this. I love having these tools in my life. It has allowed me to help myself, my family, and many of you! If you haven't tried this approach to healing yet, this is the best time to try it. While the holidays are a great time to spend with family and loved ones, it can be stressful. The Body Code can help you to be less stressed during the holidays. It can help make your aches and pains decrease, but not just can help your body to HEAL in a way it has not been able to. It can make it easier feel love and joy in a time where it is needed most. Do your body a favor today! Try one Body Code session and you'll want more. Sessions can be done by skype, phone, email, or in person.

PRE-Black Friday Sale!!!
1 session- $33 ($40 value)
3 Sessions- $105 ($120 value)
4 sessions- $120 ($160 value)
Offer ends Thanksgiving day

Payments can be made through paypal

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pregnancy and Energy Work

I know I've posted a lot about pregnancy, morning sickness, and more about pregnancy with energy work. One of the reasons is that I am pregnant! On a side note, I have been working with clients of all issues from mostly emotional, high blood pressure, herpes, morning sickness, autoimmune disorders, back pain, infertility, nutritional needs (where the bod isn't processing and absorbing nutrients efficiently), allergies.. etc. So you see, the BC and EC apply to each and every one of you!


I am almost 9 months pregnant. Throughout the pregnancy, I have been doing energy work on myself and my unborn baby. Yes it's true. From the beginning, I corrected imbalances in myself and the baby so that the baby would be able to develop properly (organs, glands, etc), that my body would have a 100% healthy pregnancy (I was that specific). Its all in the questions that are asked.

Here are a list of questions that I asked my body:
* Is there anything preventing my uterus from being balanced/ content?
* Is there an underlying reason for feeling nauseous?
* Is there an underlying reason of why I'm having a hard time sleeping?
* Is there anything I can do to help this pregnancy be 100% healthy?
* Are there any disconnections between my brain to the baby, amniotic fluid, placenta, and umbilical cord? (and vice versa)
*What can I do to make the placenta, umbilical cord, or amniotic fluid more content?
* What is preventing my hormone levels from being content or balanced?
* What is the underlying reason for the sharp pain by my hip?
* What is the underlying reason for the achiness in my R ribs/ back?
* What supplements/ how many does my body need?
* What is causing my feet to swell?
* What can I do to prepare my body for delivery?
* Are there any ligaments. tendons that are essential in labor that are imbalanced? What is the underlying reason?
* How can I make the cervix more content?
* What is preventing the pelvic floor from being balanced?
*Has the baby absorbed any emotions from me?
* And the list goes on depending what I needed.

Questions I asked for the baby:
* What is preventing the baby's body from being content/ balanced?
* Is there anything preventing the brain/ lungs/ any organ or gland from developing efficiently?
* Are there any muscles/ nerves that need to be balanced or more content?
* Are there any energies that the baby has absorbed from me that need to be released?
* What can I do to help the growth of the baby to be 100% efficient?
* Are there any pathogenic energies that need to be released from the baby? Did they come from me? How many?
*  What is preventing the baby from being in the optimal position?
* What position is the baby in? (using a position chart to find out)
* Does the baby have all the nutrients is needs?
*Is anything preventing the baby from moving efficiently?
* What is causing (name a complication)..
* Questions apply to anything that does not seem right or is a concern.

From this list, you can see that energy work can help almost anything or complication. I can't promise results because I am not a doctor and what I do is remove the imbalances causing the issues, allowing the body to heal. And I have seen amazing things! Most especially with myself. Each person is different and responds and feels the effects at different rates.

The question is, "why do energy work for the unborn baby?":
The unborn baby can absorb emotional energies from mom, and dad even! The baby is connected to the mom through the placenta. While the placenta is a barrier, it does not prevent everything from getting to the baby. For those of you who thought, I can eat whatever I want, it may be affecting the baby in ways we don't even realize. Unborn babies can absorb pathogenic energies, toxic energies from food, the environment, medications, and emotional energies. This can caused imbalance to the baby's organs or glands, muscles, nerves, bones, brain, chakras(energy centers), and caused disconnections. It may just help the development, growth, and health of your baby and your pregnancy by doing energy work throughout your pregnancy.

Take a look at the "Awesome Packages Offered" page on and contact me. It may just make the difference for your pregnancy!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Testimonials and Results with the Body Code

Today was quite the day, and a great week even. I was watching a webinar where Dr. Bradley Nelson stated that people are drawn to certain practitioners for a reason. I am really starting to believe it. My clientele has really picked up in the last 2 months. My skills as a practitioner has increased and I've been combining healing methods to get better results.

Client A
Client A is a dog I did 2 sessions for who would growl at anyone and especially the kids when they would rub his belly. He was also afraid of his puppies and other dogs. After the first session, this is what his owner stated:

I completely felt a difference after my session with Suzie. She brought my foot pain down significantly. I still have a long ways to go since I'm new at this, but it's been a long time since I've been able to walk without pain. She's also currently working with my dog. He has anxiety, and behavioral issues. Just now after his first session he seemed way more calm and happier. He can't stop licking me. I picked up one of my other puppies and held her in front of him. In the past we could not do this because he'd growl. He started licking her and smelling her and being fine around her. We still have a long ways to go, but this is a huge improvement with him and we could not do it without Suzie. I highly recommend her for anyone wanting to improve their life or their pet's life for the better.

Client B
Client B was diagnosed with a blood disorder 30 years ago. I did one session with her. In the session, we released many toxicities and corrected a number of meridians. She stated in an email the next day:

I woke up with more energy than I have had lately (trying to remember how long it's been that I've been a little tired - maybe a year or two).  It was really easy to do my normal work-out routine, too.  I can remember a few years ago when I started the day with plenty of get up and go, so was nice to have a little bounce in my step today.

Client C
A good friend recommended her sister who is pregnant. The doctor reported that there was a cyst on the placenta and a virus in the small intestine, which could cause growth problems later on. I did one session to find the causes of these things, and was able to release a couple viral energies energetically, along with other toxins and emotional energies that were absorbed from the baby's mother. She went back to the doctor for her 32 week appointment, and everything that they found before came out negative, and she is having a normal pregnancy right now.

Client D:
Client D and her family have been working with me since I started with the Emotion Code. Her daughter seemed angry for no reason when her dad would come home from work, when she is normally a very sweet girl. After one emotion code session and come body code work, her mom reported that she was much happier when her dad would come home and was asking for him more.
With client D herself, we are in the process of a weightloss package. Before, she did not enjoy exercise and didn't feel motivated. After a couple sessions and a short personal training sessions, she is excited to start the workout plan that was made her.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Updates and Morning sickness be-gone today!


     So much has happened in the last few months. I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful people. There has been improvement in a variety of health conditions, which will be posted weekly. Today marks the day that I have officially completed all the requirements for the Body Code Certification. It took me about 3 1/2 months to complete it. I have learned so much in these past 3 months about correcting imbalances in the body, and getting to the root of problems.
     I can honestly say that I love energy work and it is truly amazing. I love doing it for others because it answers questions that may never be answered through another way. The Body Code finds and corrects imbalances to allow for healing to take place.
     I would like to spotlight my own little miracle. I've had a couple posts about this, but now I can write a post from my own personal experience with it. I found out I was pregnant a couple months ago. In December, I was experiencing what many women define as morning sickness. My symptoms were feeling nauseous constantly. I love guacamole, but even looking at it made me feel nauseous. Riding in the car made me feel sick. I didn't throw up, but I can relate to that feeling of "not wanting to eat". When I returned home from the mainland, I had time to do the energy healing for myself.  Almost every website states that no one really "knows" what causes morning sickness, and that it usually indicates a healthy pregnancy.
   According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, a disease is a collection of symptoms and a symptom is caused by imbalances. Morning sickness was a symptom that I did not like. These are some of the causes of morning sickness, and it can vary among women and pregnancies:
1. imbalances in the organs and glands in the digestive system
2. imbalances in energy centers (chakras)
3. imbalances in the energy channels of the body
4. structural imbalances- such as nerve or muscle imbalances
5. pathogen energies
6. disconnections between the brain of the mother to the fetus, umbilical cord, amniotic fluid, and the placenta
7. disconnections between the fetus, umbilical cord, amniotic fluid, and placenta to the brain

The statements in numbers 6 and 7 are the number one reasons for morning sickness. Once these disconnections are corrected and the causes of the disconnections are released, morning sickness can fade away. It may take more than one session to see results. I can personally tell you that this is how I am relieved of morning sickness and that I still do not even feel pregnant. I am still early along, but through the help of the Body Code System, my pregnancy has been very easy thus far.

Can morning sickness come back?
Yes, it can come back if something causes a disconnection or imbalance to occur. For myself personally, emotional issues are the number 1 cause of these imbalances. Once I correct and release these energies, I feel great again.

What else is helpful in preventing imbalances/ morning sickness?
     I try to eat a balanced diet. When I eat crappy foods, my body feels it more than normal. I then feel more bloated. Processed foods with preservatives, food coloring, and and high in sugars cause this more than anything. My energy is way higher when I do a well with my eating.
     I exercise 4-5 times a week. This has been so wonderful. I even ran the Great Aloha Run when I was 3 months along, which is 8.15 miles. I do a combination of strength training and aerobic exercises. I stay lighter on the weights, which for me is 10-15 lbs. I vary my cardio with swimming, running, elliptical, and riding my bike. I use the muscle response testing to see what will be more beneficial for my body. I do abdominal exercises. I do crunches, and I use the Tupler technique. I NEVER do crunches, not even before I was pregnant. The Tupler technique is a couple of abdominal exercises that bring the belly button to the spine, preparing abdominal exercise for labor. Even if you need to start small and you are pregnant, do something. What will help you will be different. You may need to start at 2 or 3 days a week. Get your body moving and Feel great!
    Controlling emotions!! It is hard, right? I put effort into letting my negative feelings go, sometimes without success. I am trying to DECIDE to be happy. Using the Emotion Code and Body Code helps too. But it is a decision and we each have control of how we feel.

Do you know someone who has morning sickness? Do you have any questions? Please ask! I love to help. I am a personal trainer as well. It brings me joy to see you feeling better!