Session Information

Session information
Initial Consultation:
This 15 minute session is ideal for first time clients who want a taste of energy healing. We will correct between 1-4 imbalances.This gives you the feel for what the Emotion Code  and Body Code is, and how it works. The cost for this session is $20. First time clients only. 

Emotion Code Session:
This 40 minute session helps you to free yourself from emotional imbalances that may be causing your health concerns, pains, mental symptoms, and emotional issues. The amount of trapped emotions released is dependent on time and what your body allows.  
Body Code Session:
This 40 minute session finds all other imbalances in the body, including emotional imbalances that may be causing your personal health issues, physical pains, and mental and emotional issues. It finds the root of your problems. The imbalances it corrects are structural, organ and gland imbalances, clears pathogen energies and other toxic energies, and other energy imbalances. 

Heart-wall Session:
This session focuses on clearing the Heart-wall, which can cause feelings of being disconnected, unable to feel love, sad when you should feel happy, and lonely. It varies with each person. A heart-wall is made up of layers of trapped emotions that create a wall of negative energies around the heart. Clearing your heart-wall will enable you to better feel love and receive love, and to feel positive feelings more easily. We were meant to be happy, and this is one tool to help you to get there. 

Nutrition session:
This 30 minute session addresses specific nutritional needs for your body. This will help you know what you specifically need to eliminate from your normal food intake, and what you need to add. This session will also include applicable ways in which you can make those changes with greater ease. 
Personal Training:
I am a personal trainer and I am certified through NCSF. A personal training session must be done in person. Each personal training session is $50. However, if you want help making a fitness plan that is individual for you, the cost is $60. Also, if you have a fitness plan, but feel you need to make changes, the cost is $40. This will help you to know what will exercises/ exercise options will benefit your body the most.
Policy note:
1. Payment is due before the session(s) begins. Payment can be in cash, check, or through PayPal. If payments are more than a week late, than a $25 late fee will be applied. You can easily pay using Paypal through this site. Mahalo!

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