What is the Emotion Code?

Questions and Answers

What are trapped emotions?

Everything in the universe is made up of energy, including our bodies. Our spirits naturally have bright vibrations. Trapped emotions are balls of energy with low vibrations. They are the negative emotions that we feel in times of trial and in daily life. When they are not properly processed, they can become trapped. They are foreign balls of energy that can distort tissue over  time, and cause aches, pains, and illnesses depending on where they are located.

How are trapped emotions found?
Trapped emotions are found through muscle testing Subconsciously, our minds know exactly what is going on with our bodies. Muscle testing is like a lie detector test. A person will be strong if a statement is true or the answer is yes and weak if a statement is false or the answer is no. Through muscle testing, we can ask the body questions to quickly get down to one emotions. The age, location, and reason for which an emotion became trapped can also be determined through muscle testing. 
How are trapped emotions released?
When finding the trapped emotion and finding out what the subconscious wants us to find out, the trapped emotion moves from the area of the body it was located to the surface. Trapped emotions are then released by using a magnet and going down a person's spine 3 times. Our bodies have electromagnetic properties. The magnet magnifies my intention, which is to release this negative energy with unconditional love.

What is the benefit of releasing trapped emotions?
 The benefits are innumerable. If you have aches or pains in your body, this technique releases the underlying causes of those aches and pains, allowing the body to heal. It can decrease or eliminate pain from all areas of the body. If you have headaches, it can relieve you of your headache in a natural, gentle, and healthy way without using any medication. Do you feel anxious, depressed, or lonely? This can help you to release negative vibrations fro your body, making it easier to decide to be happy and feel positive emotions. Are you stressed? This has similar results! It can help you to feel more relaxed, light, and calm. Do you have a disease or illness of sorts? Trapped emotions often play a big role in any illness, depending on where they are located. Are you pregnant and feeling sick, dizzy, or have a headache? This can help you to relieve and eliminate your symptoms to you can feel better and more energetic. Ultimately, the body shows outward symptoms because something is causing it. By clearing yourself of the negative vibrations and energies, you can live a life with less pain and sickness, and greater happiness!
What if pain or symptoms show up again?
Everyone has gone through traumatic and hard experiences. Throughout a lifetime, these trapped emotions can accumulate. Trapped emotions can be compared to an onion. They are cleared in layers. Most people see results immediately. Trapped emotions need to be released till all are released for best results.

What do I do when all my trapped emotions are released?
 Because we still live and experience life, emotions can still become trapped. It is then the daily maintenance of clearing the as they come. When you are in the process of being cleared or are already cleared of all your trapped emotions, choose to be happy. Choose to think positive thoughts. Allow your heart to feel love you yourself and others. We always have a choice, but it will be much easier to feel the love and joy we are meant to feel by living a life free of trapped emotions!

What does a session include?
You have a choice of a 45 minute session or 60 minute session. First, you list your complaints and rate the from a 0 (no symptoms) to 10 (severe symptoms). Then we find and release your trapped emotions with the method listed above. At the end of a session, you then rate your complaints to compare how you felt fro the beginning to the end.You will also receive an electronic copy or your session for your own records. 
Do I have to be in the same room for a session?
This is a global service. Distance is not an issue! A session can be done over the phone, through email, skype, or in person. 
How do I get a session?
Email me at bodyandsoulhealing2012@gmail.com and type in the subject--> "Emotion Code Session". Send me your contact information and how you would like to pay.

What is the costs?
The first session is by donation. There is a donation option the side bar of the website. After that, there are set prices for each session.
45 minute sessions= $40
60 minute session= $50
5 session package (45 minutes each)= $175
Do you have more questions?? Feel free to email me or post them in comments on the blog!

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