Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pregnancy and Energy Work

I know I've posted a lot about pregnancy, morning sickness, and more about pregnancy with energy work. One of the reasons is that I am pregnant! On a side note, I have been working with clients of all issues from mostly emotional, high blood pressure, herpes, morning sickness, autoimmune disorders, back pain, infertility, nutritional needs (where the bod isn't processing and absorbing nutrients efficiently), allergies.. etc. So you see, the BC and EC apply to each and every one of you!


I am almost 9 months pregnant. Throughout the pregnancy, I have been doing energy work on myself and my unborn baby. Yes it's true. From the beginning, I corrected imbalances in myself and the baby so that the baby would be able to develop properly (organs, glands, etc), that my body would have a 100% healthy pregnancy (I was that specific). Its all in the questions that are asked.

Here are a list of questions that I asked my body:
* Is there anything preventing my uterus from being balanced/ content?
* Is there an underlying reason for feeling nauseous?
* Is there an underlying reason of why I'm having a hard time sleeping?
* Is there anything I can do to help this pregnancy be 100% healthy?
* Are there any disconnections between my brain to the baby, amniotic fluid, placenta, and umbilical cord? (and vice versa)
*What can I do to make the placenta, umbilical cord, or amniotic fluid more content?
* What is preventing my hormone levels from being content or balanced?
* What is the underlying reason for the sharp pain by my hip?
* What is the underlying reason for the achiness in my R ribs/ back?
* What supplements/ how many does my body need?
* What is causing my feet to swell?
* What can I do to prepare my body for delivery?
* Are there any ligaments. tendons that are essential in labor that are imbalanced? What is the underlying reason?
* How can I make the cervix more content?
* What is preventing the pelvic floor from being balanced?
*Has the baby absorbed any emotions from me?
* And the list goes on depending what I needed.

Questions I asked for the baby:
* What is preventing the baby's body from being content/ balanced?
* Is there anything preventing the brain/ lungs/ any organ or gland from developing efficiently?
* Are there any muscles/ nerves that need to be balanced or more content?
* Are there any energies that the baby has absorbed from me that need to be released?
* What can I do to help the growth of the baby to be 100% efficient?
* Are there any pathogenic energies that need to be released from the baby? Did they come from me? How many?
*  What is preventing the baby from being in the optimal position?
* What position is the baby in? (using a position chart to find out)
* Does the baby have all the nutrients is needs?
*Is anything preventing the baby from moving efficiently?
* What is causing (name a complication)..
* Questions apply to anything that does not seem right or is a concern.

From this list, you can see that energy work can help almost anything or complication. I can't promise results because I am not a doctor and what I do is remove the imbalances causing the issues, allowing the body to heal. And I have seen amazing things! Most especially with myself. Each person is different and responds and feels the effects at different rates.

The question is, "why do energy work for the unborn baby?":
The unborn baby can absorb emotional energies from mom, and dad even! The baby is connected to the mom through the placenta. While the placenta is a barrier, it does not prevent everything from getting to the baby. For those of you who thought, I can eat whatever I want, it may be affecting the baby in ways we don't even realize. Unborn babies can absorb pathogenic energies, toxic energies from food, the environment, medications, and emotional energies. This can caused imbalance to the baby's organs or glands, muscles, nerves, bones, brain, chakras(energy centers), and caused disconnections. It may just help the development, growth, and health of your baby and your pregnancy by doing energy work throughout your pregnancy.

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