Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The gift of being free of trapped emotions!

 Releasing trapped emotions has been a HUGE blessing for me. I feel this great surge of gratitude. I can't really explain it. I have been releasing trapped emotions constantly for  2 weeks, on myself and others. I feel my testimony of the gospel increasing (this is another topic). Throughout my life, I have often felt this underlying feeling of sadness, even when I was happy or things were going well. I just did not understand why I did not feel joy more often. I read my scriptures. I prayed. I tried living worthy of the spirit, yet I still felt that sadness. I went from having only 20% left of my trapped emotions to being COMPLETELY cleared! There was help along the way. Thank you Abby and Bonnie! I feel joy. I am almost speechless. I cleared my heart-wall this last week, twice. I feel love. I believe this is a tool that is given to help us be happy.
I just want to talk of one trapped emotion that I cleared today. It was a trapped emotion of sadness. It was also an inherited trapped emotion of sadness. TE (Trapped Emotions) can be inherited from  past generations, like from your mother or father. They could have inherited from one of their parents etc. This happens at conception. By releasing inherited trapped, we do not just release them from ourselves, but also all those who spirits who also had that trapped emotion (who passed it on). This inherited trapped emotion of sadness that I released goes back 85 generations! I found this out by muscle testing. That means my mom (who I inherited it from) had it released from her as well, and also my grandma. Wow! After I released, it I felt lighter and more peaceful as well. What a day! Don't delay and give this a chance!

Stay posted! More information on Heart-Walls coming soon!


  1. I feel so free after susan freed my trapped emotions. I had a lot from past events trapped that made me indesisive, scared, worried, ect. I also had a lot of trapped emotions that has made me stutter throughout my life. She released many trapped emotions and i think it will help mmy stuttering quite a bit. I feel free and relieved, and clear. It feels really nice. Im so glad susan is doing this!