Monday, August 27, 2012

Doing sessions for no cost!

For a limited amount of time, I am doing Emotion Code sessions for no cost. Take advantage of this opportunity now. If you have any of the following, you can benefit from this:
* Depression
* Anxiety
* Frustration
* Bad temper
* Feelings of guilt
* Back Pain
* Shoulder/ neck pain or tightness
* Hormone imbalance
* Infertility issues
* chronic diseases
* Cancer
* trouble concentrating
* Ear infections
* and the list goes on.....
The reason is because whenever something is not quite right with the body, the underlying cause is more often than not caused by trapped emotions. In case you don't remember what they are, they are balls of pure energy that are lodged in the body in certain areas. They are foreign negative energies that can literally distort bodily tissues, eventually causing aches, pains, mental, and emotional issues. Also, when negative energies are in the body, then it is harder to not feel those negative feelings. Yes, we do have a choice in the way we feel. But it will be easier to choose positive feelings when the body is not harboring the negative feelings. I can personally tell you that.

So what is the benefit of releasing these negative energies??
Pain decreases, and you can feel happier and more relaxed. You can rid yourself of the underlying causes of the many conditions that people suffer from. This is energetic healing.

This is what I need in order to do a session:
1) Your name, age, a time you are available, and a way to contact you.
2) Any major complaints that you have that you feel may be affecting your health in some way.  
3) Rate them 0 to 10--> 0 being no pain or no symptoms and 10 being as bad as it can be.
4) Email me at and in the subject- Emotion Code Session.
5) Write a review about your experience and how you felt after the session.

I love this because I know it can help you to feel more joy and will make it easier to feel positive feelings and reduce pain. Have a great day!

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  1. susan has also done wonders to help me with my stuttering, finding the causes of it and what emotions are behind it. many causes were from conflicts when i was younger and now from moments where i was hurt. It has really helped