Monday, August 20, 2012

Heart- Walls

What is a Heart-wall?
heart wall FAQ
     Everyone has experienced moments of heartache. Many have said that their hearts were broken at some point. This is in fact a very literal phrase. Our bodies does what it can to protect the heart. It does this by building a "protection" or a "shield" around our heart. This shield of energy is made up of Trapped Emotions. The subconscious often associates these heart-walls with a material that people are familiar with. The number of trapped emotions and how thick a person's heat-wall is varies with the individual. 93% of people have a heart-wall.
     How do you know if you have a heart-wall? We can find out be asking and communicating with our unconscious. Have you felt isolated, depressed, sad, or disconnected consistently? This is also a good indicator of having a heart-wall. Negative energies are literally surrounding the heart, making it easier to feel emotions like frustration, sadness, anger... etc... because the emotions are already there. It makes it harder to let go of those emotions as well.
     By releasing/clearing the heart-wall, we can be free to feel greater joy, greater ability to give and receive love, and to let go of hurt feelings. I have experienced this for myself. With my relationship with my family and husband, I have been able to more easily let go of troubled feelings,  move past faster bumps in our relationship, and feel greater love for those around me. (in the few short weeks that my heart-wall has been removed!)

Here is a video I found that explains it well:

Real experiences:
I worked on one  of my friends. She has had her own struggles with events in her life, with feelings of sadness, anxiety, trouble connecting with other people.  I cleared her heart-wall, and several other trapped emotions. I asked her how she felt a few days after removing her heart-wall and she told me that she was feeling happier. I could see that her heart was softened and more joy in her facial expression. It was a great feeling to see that she recognized a change and to see it in her face.

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