Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Amazing Results using the Emotion Code!

Volunteer A:
 She is 60 years old. She has had a neck/shoulder ache on the right side for a few years. After one session, she did not feel that shoulder pain for 4 days. I had another session with her, and it has provided relief since.

Volunteer B:
She is 24 and was feeling very stressed, which was rated an 8 in severity. She was also feeling muscle ache, which she rated a 2 in severity. By the end of one session, she felt that her stress level was a 2, and rated her muscle ache a zero.

Volunteer C:
He was not really sure what to expect with this process, as most people are when they first hear about it. He had tightness in the neck, both sides. The moment that one of the trapped emotions was released, which the age it was associated with, he was quite surprised. His neck tightness was rated a 4 before the session and a 0 on the right side and a 1 on the left side by the end of the session.

Volunteer D: 
I was really grateful to get an email from an old friend. He told me that he started reading the book after I posted this blog. So far, he has released 9 regular trapped emotions and 2 inherited trapped emotions. He said, " I have already noticed a huge difference with things." I also released  several trapped emotions from him. His neck tightness/ pain went from a 4 to a 2 and his stressed level was reduced from a 8 to a 5.

I wanted to say Mahalo for everyone who has volunteered to try out the emotion code!

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