Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The cause of low back pain and the solution

Have you been suffering with low back pain? Have you been able to find out what is the cause of back pain? Through the Body Code system and the Emotion Code, you can find out. There are many factors that go into low back pain, and it is individual for each person. I am going to start with different reasons and expand on them:

Trapped Emotions:
In case you haven't seen any of my old posts, trapped emotions are balls of energy that have a low vibration or frequency. Our spirits naturally have very high frequencies. These are foreign energies to the body, which distort the energy field, distorting body tissues over time. Some example of trapped emotions are anger, frustration, fear, unsupported, nervousness, worthlessness, and many others. These are normal feelings. When they do not process fully in the body, they can become trapped. If they are trapped on the spine or on muscles in the lower back, it can distort those tissues or bones, causing pain.

Circuits in the body:  
Our body is like a circuit box. There are connections throughout the body. Some of it is energetically and some is physical. The energetic circuits are the meridians, which helps with the energy flow throughout the body. Organs and glands are connected to each other, and have muscle connections. Chakras are the energy centers around the body. If there is an imbalance in the energy circuits, organs, or glands, it can prevent the body from responding and working properly.

Structural misalignment or imbalances Misaligned bones, muscles, organs, and glands can be big contributors to low back pain.

This is the most common cause of low back pain. This is because caffeine is toxic to the kidneys. The kidneys' job is to filter blood that passes through. When too much caffeine is in the blood, it can be too much for the kidneys. Caffeine is acidic and can acidify the body. Caffeine can create anxiety and emotional instability by imbalancing organs and higher amounts of stress. Organs are connected to muscles. When connected to back muscles, it can cause back pain.

Kidney imbalances:
The role of the kidney is to cleanse and filter the blood and create urine. It can be imbalanced by excess toxins, dehydration, and create emotional stress. It lies on the the same energetic circuit as the psoas muscles in the low back. A kidney imbalance can  weaken those muscles, which can create vulnerability to the back or hip strain. This can destabilize the back and lead to a misalignment in a disk.

Imbalanced organs that cause back pain:
*The Uterus
*The Bladder: It can  cause muscle tension or weakness in para-spinal muscles, which can lead to a spinal misalignment.
*Ileocecal valve: Fecal matter goes back and forth causing irritation. This is located between the colon and small intestine. It can create hip or back pain, constipation, and diarrhea. 
*Small Intestine: This can imbalance the abdominal msucles and quadriceps muscles, leading to LBP.
*The Colon: This can imbalance the tensor fascia Latae and the hamstrings, leading to LBP.

Through energy healing, these imbalances can be corrected, and trapped emotions released. This will allow for healing to take place. This will also allow you to not just treat the symptoms, but to find the underlying causes, and correct them. It is different for each person, but answers are found in the same manner--> through muscle testing. Your body knows what is causing your low back pain, and it knows what will help. Trust in your body and contact me to find out how we can ease and eliminate your pain!

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