Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pregnancy symptoms related to Trapped emotions


Pregancy is a part of life, as are pregnancy symptoms. Doctors has prescribed medications and given several suggestions on how to decrease symptoms that are often associated with pregnancy. According to, the early pregnancy symtoms include feeling tired, feeling sick, changes in breasts, going to the bathroom more often, mood swings, stress, and changing taste of foods. Other symptoms include headache and dizziness.
     While pregnancy is an exciting time, it comes with bouts of tiredness and morning sickness, which varies from person to person. There is another way to overcome these symptoms. You don't have to struggle with for days on end, and you don't have to just accept the fact that you or someone else you know has morning sickness. You don't have to have headaches and dizziness. There has to be something that is causing it.
    I did a session with a friend of mine. She is pregnant and has been having a lot of sickness for the past few weeks. This includes feeling like she has wanted to throw up with smells, cooking, and eating many foods. I am sure many of you who have experienced this understand how unbearable this feels. Before I started the session, she had a headache, dizziness, felt uncomfortable in the stomache region, and felt sick with smells and the thought of foods. She rated her headache a 4-5, dizziness a 3, uncomfortable stomache a 7. After the session, she rated her headache and sickness (with stomache area) a zero, and her dizziness a 1.
     This shows  that these symtpoms are actually caused by trapped emotions and other negative energies, which cause imbalances in areas of the body, depending on where they are located. By releasing these negative energies, the tissues in the body can heal, helping to relieve those unbearable pregnancy symptoms. Still skeptical...? Open your mind to new possibilities and give it a try!

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