Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Do you feel skeptical or have any curiosity of the Emotion Code??

     For those who feel skeptical, curious, and unsure about the emotion code, I want you to know that I can relate. When I first learned about it, I was also unsure and skeptical. It took a week of my sister texting, calling, and emailing me for me to really listen. When I opened my mind just a little, it opened a whole new world for me.
      I can tell you from first hand experience that I do not struggle with anxiety like I did before. If I do, it is at a low level, and I am better able to control it. Also, I have been able to let go of negative feelings in times of conflict more easily, especially when I choose to. Have you ever felt frustrated or hurt from a loved one, you talked about it, and settled the conflict, but you still do not feel settled within yourself? You want to let go of those negative feelings, but for some reason, you can't... That is how I have felt. I still am working on this, but it really is easier now. 
    To me, it really makes sense that when negative emotions are trapped in the body, it is harder to feel the positive feelings of love and joy that we want to feel. It is easier to feel the negative feelings because those energetic frequencies are already there. My trapped emotions are all released and it has been a huge blessing for me and has made a difference in my marriage. This is not a drug intensive healing. It is finding the causes of anxiety, depression, aches, pains, and diseases, and releases those foreign negative energies. This allows the body heal. I don't treat diseases, I find the causes and release them. So please give it a try. 
     I did a 15 minute session for a woman a couple weeks ago. She was had a headache for a couple days. I didn't know how frequent the headaches occurred or anything. I released several trapped emotions that were located in her brain, and she did not have a head ache for the next few days. Her daughter came up to me today and thanked me for helping her mom and had tears in her eyes. She told me that her mom has not had as many headaches since. She had such gratitude in her eyes. 
     So why not try? Why not set your skepticism aside and at least ask me about it. My email is Cwinker20@hotmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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