Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Awesome Results with the Emotion Code!

Aloha! I have had some great sessions so far! Here are some success stories for you to enjoy!

A long time friend of mine has had a hard time with some past experiences from when he was a child. He has had struggles with feeling motivated, past memories,  and back pain. After 2 sessions with the emotion code, he felt a significant difference in everything. 
Feelings of being unmotivated:  7 --> 4. 
Struggles with past memories: 4--> 1 
Back pain: 8 --> 4.
This was with only 2 sessions, clearing away 2 layers of emotional baggage! This is what he had to say about it:
"I definitely felt more of a difference today. I was a lot more motivated and got a ton of stuff done today. So, motivation would be at down to a 4 or so, 10 being bad and then with doing all those things my back usually gets pretty bad, but it wasn't as bad as usual, so probably down to a 4 as well, and then the memories, today was a good day at a 1. Thanks again suze, I am definitely seeing a difference and I told my wife about the emotions you released for her and she could tell a difference as well."

This person has been awesome to work with. She herself is learning natural healing modalities. She has been having some struggle with pain in her hands recently, and also pain in her Jaw. She felt a bigger difference a few days after the session, and right after the second session.
These were her results:
 Numbness in the left hand: 4 --> 0
Right Hand Pain: 4--> 0
Pain in the fingers of the right hand: 3-->2
Left hand fingers: 3--> 1
Jaw Pain:  3--> 0

She said that her hands were feeling much better and stronger. She really saw a difference in herself and how she felt as well. She was a pleasure to work with!

I have had the opportunity to work with a wonderful family. The father of the family was having trouble sleeping at night. He reported that we was sleeping much better, felt more positive, and even felt more clear minded. His wife had an annoying sensation in one spot on her head, and not been noticeable since working on it. Their son complained of stomach problems. After muscle testing, I found there was an imbalance in the stomach area. His parents said that he used to complain about it several time a day to every once in a while. They have been so wonderful and has noticed many small miracles by releasing their emotional baggage.

The Emotion Code has been a huge blessing in my life and I love that I can help others be releasing their emotional baggage. Send me an email or comment if you would like to give this a try!

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